FfWG Main Grant Applications
Welcome to the FfWG Main Grant Application page! If you are eligible, and wish to apply for a Main Grant, you will need to fully complete and submit the online Main Grant Application Form. Please read the notes on this first page very carefully, as this will save you time and effort in completing the detailed application process which follows.

Closing date for applications 2 March 2021
Period for which the grants may be awarded 2021/2022 Academic year
Please note all applications must be submitted using this page and before the closing date. Applications submitted outside this period or using other methods will not be considered. Each application submitted will automatically generate a unique Grant Application Number.

1. Eligibility
For your application to be considered you must meet all the eligibility conditions which may be found on the 'Am I Eligible' (http://www.ffwg.org.uk/am-i-eligible-.html) page of the site. In brief, to be eligible you must be a woman resident in Great Britain and registered for study at an approved British higher education institution. Applications may only be made for financial support with living costs (not for fees) where there is genuine financial need to complete the course of study.

2. Information that you will need to provide
To complete the Application Form you will need to provide among other things your personal and educational details, details of current and previous financial support and requirements, and contacts for references. You may find it helpful to print the Application Form screens in order to collate the necessary information before completing the online form. If you do not provide full and accurate information requested in the Application Form that you submit, or if your application does not meet the eligibility conditions, it is likely that your application will not be considered for a grant.

3. Tips for applicants
(i) Quote your Grant Application Number in all communication
(ii) Obtain prior agreement from your referees to supply references
(iii) Ask your referees to include grants@ffwg.org.uk in their email contacts to avoid emails being blocked
(iv) Ensure your Application Form is complete and accurate before you submit it, and ensure you then pay the administration fee.

4. Our obligations and your obligations
You should note these carefully, as set out in the Application Form. Our obligations include compliance with data protection legislation. Your obligations as an applicant include providing appropriate consents and declarations. Successful applicants are required to provide a progress report to FfWG on conclusion of the study.

The administration fee (non-refundable) of £15 must be paid directly to our bank account on the day you submit the application form. If possible e-mail a receipt of payment to grants@ffwg.org.uk

You can pay by internet banking or go to your local bank with the details below:-
BFWG Charitable Foundation Account number 41263137 Sort code:- 40-43-51.
If making payment from overseas you will also need:- IBAN No:- GB56MIDL40435141263137 BIC No:- MIDLGB2157K

5. Grants are only available for living expenses and not a shortfall in fees.

6. No Grant is likely to exceed £6,000.

7. All Grants are at the discretion of FfWG.

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